Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade Winter Facial Mask

Shelled almonds (Prunus dulcis)Image via Wikipedia
The winter is terrible to our skin. Its the most exposed part of our body to the elements. Here is a mask that will help put the moisture back into your skin.

10-15 Almonds

Soak the almonds in a bowl of warm water. 
Once the almonds are soft enough to mash, remove from water.
Remove and discard almond skins
Mash almonds into paste.
Add in one teaspoon of milk at a time until desired constistency.
Apply to face and let sit 10 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.

Note: Please use your own discretion when using any of these DIY beauty recipes. I'm not a doctor, just a provider of homemade beauty ideas.
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