Review: In this house, we will giggle

by - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Parenting is tough. Most of us dream of parenthood with a clear vision of how we're going to do it, what we are going to instill in them, and so much more. Then they get here and reality sets in. 

I love this book. I grew up in a home where Christ like relationships were not modeled for me. There were a few moments of joy sprinkled in between a lot of disconnect and pain. I never want that for my own kids.
As an adult, I have struggled with trying to become a godly mother and wife (a work in progress.) This book shows that it is possible if you are intentional.. It shows how to take steps to make a joyful home a reality for all of us.

The book covers twelve virtues to share and grow with your family:

Over the course of a year you can go through one virtue a month, planting these deep in the hearts of your children. With fun activities and engaging conversations you can show them what it means to honor God. There is also catch phrases, discussion questions, Scripture memory verses, and virtue definitions to help you along the way. 

Easy to read and fun to do together, this is a book I highly recommend and will be referring back to often.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy. All opinions are mine.

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