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by - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last night (or should I say early morning) I was looking around on for items to add to my blog when I came across an ad to create a mobile site. I thought "What a cool idea! Let me try it out." So I went on to create a mobile site using Widgetbox's Basic version (Pro version available for a fee.) I created a Post page and a Twitter page for my mobile site. You do have the options to add YouTube, polls, photos and other content pages to your site. Overall I am very pleased with the look of the site. Some of the formatting gets lost when transferred to the mobile site but I think it is still great to see the posts on the go.

To the right is an acutal copy of the site as it became live (the live view of the site while creating it only works with Google Chrome and Safari.) The free version is all I need right now, but I may look into trying the Pro Version soon with their 7 day trial. This mobile site works best with iPod Touch, iPhone, Android and other smart phones. I will have to try this on my cell phone (not a smartphone) just to see how well it works.

I have added the link to the mobile site on the top left column of the blog to allow for anyone to access the mobile stie from their phones. When you're creating your mobile site, you do have the option to automatically re-route all mobile users to the mobile site but I wanted to give my readers the option of visiting either site.

Create your mobile site at

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