I've Been Honored!

by - Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have been awarded this honor by Shanna over at The Autry Family blog! If you haven't checked out her awesome blog, make sure you stop by and say 'hi.'

As part of my award, I have the pleasure of sharing 10 things about me and then passing on this award to 10 other fabulous bloggers. So here we go!
  1. I am very shy...until I get to know you.
  2. I hate public speaking.
  3. I have been to Canada a few times
  4. I cannot bake cakes even the boxed ones (but hey at least my brownies are edible)
  5. I love to try new foods
  6. I want to eat at one of Iron Chef Morimoto's resturauts
  7. Peach Snapple, Milano cookies, and Fererro Rocher are my go to foods on a stressful day.
  8. I was a tomboy growing up
  9. I love basketball and tennis (playing, not watching)
  10. I love scrapbooking and digital photography related crafts.
And the fabulous bloggers that I pass this award onto are:
Make sure you check out these awesome bloggers! Have a great day!

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