Mailbox Monday, June 7

by - Monday, June 07, 2010

I did very well this week in freebies. I still haven't received any of my magazines since we moved but I still scored:
  • NeilMed Neti Pot (a little scared to use but I'm going to suck it up this week)
  • Full Sized Revlon Lipstick in Porceline Pink (Thanks to Walgreens via Facebook!)
  • $5 Starbucks giftcard from (1 of 2 auctions won last week)
  • MY FAVE!!: Conair Fabric steamer (Thanks to - just have to use and review and its mine!)
In my inbox:
  • Kids bowl free coupons for the week
  • Coupon for Free Meal at iHop for joining the Revolution
  • iTunes downloads of baby music from Juno Baby
  • iTunes download from for purchasing tickets
Free around town:

I used my FREE Chik-fil-A spicy chicken reservation for me and my husband which served as our dinner for our date night this weekend. Our local restaurant had decorated a special section of the dine-in area just for the spicy chicken reservers (did I say that right?) It was very cute. We even had someone who served us special and customized our sandwich with the choices of lettuce, tomato, and pepper jack cheese. There were almost like shots (shot glass sized) drinks of soda and then Red Hots candy as the appetizer/dessert. It was truly an experience! =) We only paid $3 for fries!

Then I used my BOGO free Fandango credit that I redeemed from Tropicana Juicy rewards and paid a total of $10.75 for 2 Adult tickets to see Sex and the City 2! (Very good by the way)

I also received a free iTunes download from the soundtrack for ordering my tix through And to put the icing on the cake, I also recieved 58 swagbucks by going through a special offers link from for purchasing from Fandango! Gotta love piling the savings =)

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