Getting Freebies vs. Creating a Facebook Account

by - Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Hello everyone!

A lot of users ask freebie bloggers questions similar to "Can I get all the freebies that companies offer on Facebook without having to join?" While very few companies offer an outside link, most have their request form embedded into their Facebook page, using applications that require you to "Like" their fan page before the form is available to fill out. I believe that a Facebook account created specifically for samples and promotional offers are a wonderful idea. 

I created my account (on Facebook and Twitter) originally for this purpose but was lured into socializing with others LOL. While my Twitter account is 95% business, I do occasionally have the social tweet thrown in there. My Facebook, on the other hand, is probably 50-50 personal and business but I do keep it as private as I can to people not on my friend list. Shannon at For the Mommas shows you how to create a very private Facebook account so you don't have to miss out on all the goodies. 

See you tomorrow for Freebie Friday!
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