10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

by - Monday, September 20, 2010

Planning Baby Showers can be very intimidating if you haven't given one before. There is so much pressure to thrown "the perfect shower" that you can get lost in all the madness. Here are 10 tips to help you throw a unique shower on any budget. I'll take unique over perfect any day.
  1. Check with the mommy-to-be. Everyone is different. See if there is anything in particular she wants to see at the party and go from there.
  2. Select a theme. The usual "pink is for girls" and "blue is for boys theme" can be so much more. Do some research on the internet and see if are themes that you can be more creative with like zoo or jungle (animal themed), princess or prince charming, cutie pie (sweets.)
  3. Pick a date. Most showers are typically on a weekend but you can be as creative as you would like. A Tuesday or Thursday works just as well.
  4. Pick a time. When is the mother-to-be feeling her best? Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening? Why not try an evening and make it a ladies night?
  5. Select an invitation that fits your personalized theme. Many places have create-your-own cards. Visit Tiny Prints baby shower invitations for inspiration.
  6. Have a potluck for snacks. Its going to be hectic enough without trying to make a gourmet meal for everyone too. Enlist the help of some of those attending. Be sure to include this on your invitations next to the RSVP information.
  7. Use your talents. If you're crafty make something for the decorations. A simple tablecloth stamped with some words related to babies makes a great impression. For my daughter's birthday party, I made a cute signature mat for guests to sign. Now it serves as a cute keepsake.
  8. Find fun games online or make your own. Many are printable. You can find themed paper at many craft stores to tie into the shower theme you've selected.
  9. Semi-DIY: Favors can be costly, but so can making them completely from scratch. I like buying some from the dollar store that have the potential to become fantastic. Add some ribbon here and a cut-out there and they will fit the theme easily.
  10. Have Fun! Your party will not be perfect. The more you try to make it so, the more things will probably go in the opposite direction. Be the same relaxed, fun-loving, etc host that you really are.
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