Thursday Thought - Beauty and the Basketball

by - Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Hello everyone! Today's post is dedicated to my husband. Today marks the fifth year since our first date. Dating anniversaries tend to not matter once you've gotten married but I think that in our case this is a pretty neat milestone.
Without getting too specific, I met my husband while in college. We met over the summer and finally went out on our first date. It wasn't the traditional dinner and a movie date either. It wasn't the kind of date where the attire was a nice blouse or a dress. Instead I wore basketball shorts, t-shirt, sports bra, and sneakers. My hair was simply pulled back into a ponytail. Our date: a game of basketball. He won, of course, but I gave him a good challenge. We ended up going to get some slushies (also called slurpees, depending where you're from.) We drove back to the park, walked around and talked the rest of the night. Maybe being sweaty took some of the awkwardness off. Either way it goes it was the best date I ever had.

Statistically, most relationships in this age range don't last past a semester. College is all about parties and cramming for exams. Casual relationships and flings are the norm. No one seems to be seriously looking for "THE ONE" anymore. 

Well, I'm happy to have found the one for me. We have grown so much in these 5 years. Even though it has been hard at times, it may even get harder but as long as we love God and keep him first in our relationship, everything else will fall into place. It always does! 

Happy Anniversary My Love! =)
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