Thursday Thought: It's the little things

by - Thursday, September 30, 2010

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It's the little things that make a child smile. My daughter has taught me this simple but important lesson. When  I was pregnant, I dreamed about all the things I would get here. But as I have learned, she doesn't care about them, she only wants me and to know she is loved by me. We have some funny things we do together that bring her so much joy. 
  • We touch the tips of our index fingers and make a silly sound (like the wonder twins did with their rings)
  •  We smile at each other like we're planning something to get the other one.
  •  I growl like a lion and she takes off running because its chasing time. Daddy is the safe spot. Then we switch and I run since she is after me. 
  • I hand her an object and she studies it, then looks at me and smiles.
  • We have silly dance time using the intro songs to kids shows on Disney.
  • We have tickle fests where she does something to try to get me to tickle her and by then end we're both tired and snuggle in bed.
These are just a few that I have noticed she loves it, and I do too. Just these little things seem to mean so much to her. That's why we do them everyday =)

What special little things do you do with your children?
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