Thursday Thought: Grown Ups and Money

by - Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hammer365: 103/262 Organized Coupon ClippingImage by David Reber's Hammer Photography via Flickr

While going into a restaurant, my husband said to me "With a wife like you (always having a coupon), I'll never pay full price." It's funny how my husband has come to the side of couponing. When we first met, we were still living with our parents and both working part time. We didn't have any bills so our paychecks were spent by the weekend. I always checked the Sunday paper for restaurant and retail store coupons. Eventually, we started going places we had coupons for instead of the other options. And by the time the baby came, we didn't go anywhere without one, including the grocery store.

So now whenever we are thinking about going out, he will ask "Do we have a coupon?" It's hilarious!! It's nice we've realized the value of money, but it was only AFTER we were out on our own. My goal is to have our daughter clipping coupons with her safety scissors as soon as she's able to use them!! 

But really, we're striving to make sure we teach her better money lessons that what we had as kids. We're still learning, but hopefully we'll get there together.
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