5 Tips for Editing & Creating Beautiful Digital Photo Projects

by - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I have always loved taking digital photos. When I became a mother, my daughter became the subject of 99% of all of photos from that point on. In a typical month, I could have easily taken dozens of them and with memory quickly being filled on my memory card, I began finding creating things to do with them. Making beautiful digital photo projects is easier than you would think. With a beautiful picture and some creativity you can create a precious memory keepsake worthy of being gifted this Christmas season. Here are my tips for editing and creating that special project with photo software tools.

  1. Take several pictures of the same object. You can experiment with different angles, sides and lighting. i found that having several different versions you have available of a single photo,  gives  you more to work with later in editing. While you may have thought that the picture you took was great at the time, a closer look at it later may be different. It may even show up substantially blurrier when you look at it on the computer. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having a favorite memory preserved.
  2. Don't be afraid to edit. Rarely has a photo taken never in need of some editing. Cropping tools, red eye correction, color editing are all available to make your photos look amazing. All have an undo function to revert the photo back to its original state just in case you are not satisfied with the edits. My favorite function to use is the auto correct tool. It gives you an instant look as to the best enhancement of your photo could be and as always if you do not like it use that undo button.
  3. Try using photo presets. Presets are already programmed enhancements to your photo. In an instant you can turn a color photo into a classic black and white copy. Another classic is sepia which has the look of old vintage photos, slightly tinted. Play around with the different options available and see if there are any that matches the tone of your photo.
  4. Try using a border or frame. These options can give your digital photo a more finished look. Some give the look of a matted picture, making your photo look sleek. Others can make your pictures playful with themes such as a pumpkin frame for your fall photos and snowflakes for the upcoming holiday season.
  5. Try something fun. One of my favorite photo editing options involve those that totally change the digital photo so that they almost look like drawn or painted pictures. Play around with these tools to see what fun projects you can come up with. Here is a fun one that I made using Adobe Photoshop application on my iPod as well as the original so you can see one of the fun ways you can transform your digital photos.
    Original digital photo
    Edited digital photo
Editing your digital photos and creating beautiful digital projects are a fun way to make a memory even more fun. I will remember this photo forever. not that it was a special occasion, but that it made a special picture. Using these tips and all of the great functions of photo editing software, it is easy to make your digital photo even greater.

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