Thursday Thought: Obnoxious Ones - The Year They Never Warn You About

by - Thursday, November 04, 2010

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When my daughter was first born, everyone would say "Enjoy it now, because when she turns two ______!" I went her whole first year of life thinking that the only major obstacle ahead of us was her 2nd birthday when my precious little girl would grow two little horns, a tail, and behave monstrous. However, the reality of it came a week before her first birthday. She refused to drink her formula anymore. Score! Right? Nope, because then I couldn't get her to drink whole milk.

Then came sleeping. She refuses to sleep in her crib. I would love to let her cry it out but with our apartment complex's thin walls and the state of society right now, everyone will swear she's being harmed or neglected. So now she sleeps with Mommy and Daddy and won't have it any other way.

Then came tantrums. She cries and  literally "falls out" onto the floor if we tell her "No, no." Be it carpet or linoleum she doesn't care, because Mommy or Daddy will catch her before she falls completely. She also refuses to wear diapers. She enjoys taking them off herself and running around the house. So all outfits now consists of a onesie and pants to keep her diaper on. To voice her opposition, she talks back (in baby words.)

And now comes hardheadedness. She will do the same thing we tell her not to do several times in a row. Sometimes back to back, sometimes a few minutes or hours apart but all with the same results of being disciplined, followed by the tantrum, then back to the bad thing she was doing in the first place. Very frustrating.

We're only 3 months into the year and all of these bad behaviors!! Why weren't we warned about this. Well I'm passing on this info to all moms. New moms beware and veteran moms please pass this along!! I'm putting on my mommy armor and shield now since these next few years are going to be rough!
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