My Freebie Posting Methodology

by - Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today's thought is about my feelings about freebie posting. There are literally tons of freebie sites out there. Many of these sites however, post every link  that has a "free" item on it. The problem with that is several of these links are often scams or local websites that have no way of fulfilling the thousands of freebie requests they get once posted on these sites. 

I myself have signed up for a few of these offers only to find out later that day that it was not a legitimate offer. So when I began posting Freebie Fridays I made it a priority to get freebies that have been checked out (normally by myself) or come from a reputable company that provides samples, freebies, etc. My weekly post is dedicated to the best freebies available that week. Most of these offers I have applied for myself and I stand behind them.

I want to be a freebie source you can trust. If I wouldn't give them my info, I wouldn't want you to. 

Just a thought...
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