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by - Friday, December 10, 2010

This post is inspired by a great deal that I got last week, a mini princess rocking chair. What's so special about buying a rocking chair? The fact that I only paid $6.00 for it shipped! You would think that when I received the item in the mail that it would be poor quality right? It has to be for $6! Sorry to disappoint but it is GREAT quality! So let me tell you a little about the Foundary. is a daily deal site that offers up to 70% OFF home essentials such as throws, kitchen items, decor and more. Members receive exclusive email invites to new events daily. Don't judge a book by its cover or should I say, don't judge a sale event by it's photo. Remember these are high quality items available at up to 70% off. I have seen past events that had items under $10! Your best bet is to browse the sales daily on the site and see for yourself.

So how did I get a great deal on this $69.99 rocking chair?
Levels of Discovery Rock A Buddies, Jr. Princess Mini Rocker
When I joined a month ago, they were offering $25 shopping credit for new sign-ups. For every referral who signs up, you get $1 credit (up to $10.) Then, for every referral who makes a purchase, you receive $20 credit!! Referrals can be sent via email, facebook, twitter or by just posting your referral link. This chair was on sale for $39.00 ($31 savings) in the sale event. Thanks to a referral who made a purchase I had over $40.00 in credits which paid for the item. Credits only apply to the item and not shipping which is around $5.95 per item. Still not bad at all!

The $25 promotion is over but you can still get up to $10 credit for sign-ups and then purchase something for $10 and under just paying shipping. Then if you have a referral who purchases, there goes another $20 added to your account! I have had 3 sign-ups and 2 referral purchases. Encourage your fans, followers, friends and family to sign up and do the same. Everybody wins with $10 credits. 

The best way to spend your credits is to shop around the events. Unless an item is selling fast (they have a sidebar widget to let you know what people are buying) wait an extra day to see if there is another item you'd like better. That's what I did and scored big time! I almost bought a journal and a tea set but waited it out and got this cute Christmas present for my little one.

Since it's a members only club, I don't have any other links for you to see the great items but if you'd like to join and see for yourself visit (not an affiliate link.) If you'd like to help me get to 10 referrals my link is 

I'd like to help you get referrals too. If you'd like to leave your referral link in the comments, I can direct everyone to sign up through these links once I reach 10. A good format would be: link plus # of referrals needed. Come back and let us know when you've gotten a referral so we can update the list. I'll also keep you updated when I see super deals using your credits (because I know life gets too busy to check the sites daily.)

So here's mine:

Thanks everyone! Happy Shopping!

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