Thursday Thought: The Santa Debate

by - Thursday, December 09, 2010

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I realize that with Christmas coming near and my child growing so fast, it's time to have the Santa talk with my husband. How do we want to raise our child when it comes to Santa? Religion aside, I think there's nothing wrong with believing in Santa but at the same time I think that you shouldn't have to lie to your child or use the Santa card to get them to act nice during the year. I'm at a loss. When I asked hubby about this earlier this week, he said he didn't care (typical hubby, but I still love him.) So that leaves me to decide. {*HUGE SIGH*}

Well, here goes: I'm thinking of approaching it from the same standpoint as Spiderman, and other superheros. Hero worship as a child isn't a bad thing. They believe in them without the influence of the parent. If they think he's cool without the parents input and stop believing when they're ready. I'm thinking that I will tell her about Santa and the "magical" world he lives in, where he delivers presents to THOSE kids homes. 

If she chooses to believe it in that sense then that's great, but I'm not buying presents for someone else! Mommy wants all the credit for her hard work at those Black Friday deals LOL!

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