Meet Sami, Our 1st Mommy of the Month of 2011!

by - Saturday, January 01, 2011

 This month's winner is Sami from The Life of a Wife and Mom.

Life of wife N Mom

Here is her exclusive interview post with me.
Tiffany: How long have you been blogging? 
a little less than 1 year. March 2011 will be 1 year for blogging.
Tiffany: What started you blogging?
I actually started blogging while my husband was away at school for the Army to pass the time...At first I thought it would be a few posts here and their but it has been an every day thing if I am able to.
Tiffany: What is your blog about? 

A little bit of everything. Life, military Life, Family, Love, Photography and more. The New Year starts new things for the blog.  Many more adventures. I am going to look at doing giveaways,
Reviews, and other things as well.
Tiffany: What is the best deal you have ever gotten?

The best deal i had ever gotten i would have to say was when I went to get my car. We got it way below retail price and didnt have to make a down payment. I think that is the best deal. :)
Tiffany: What is a typical day for you?

Typical Day for me starts by getting hubby up and out to work by 4:30 every morning. I get my morning started by a shower and getting dressed. I  throw a load of clothes in the laundry and it is usually ready for the dryer by 8:15. I get the girls up for and ready for school about 7:30.  Take the  girls to school by 8:30.
    After I drop them off to school it is normally off to work in a Day Care  till 3. Pick  the girls up by 3:45pm. Housework, help the girls with homework,  hubby gets home about 6 and we get dinner going and after dinner, I usually try and blog.. When i get a chance as well as school.  Depending on the day I usually have a photo shoot or so to add into the schedule.  I usually do 1-2 a week on a good week.
    Now the new year brings new challenges for the schedule. I have to add home schooling my 12 year old son into the mix. Which should not be to much of a difference, Just have to add it into the schedule.
Tiffany: What do you like to do for your "Me time"?

If I am able to catch it. I usually spend my about me time blogging or creating things. That seems to be about my only  about me time I get.
Tiffany: Do you have regular Me Time or do you have to snag it whenever you get a chance?
I never get regular about me time.. But When I can I enjoy it.
Tiffany: What has been the toughest parenting issue you've faced?
When my husband deployed for the 1st time. I was still new to being a mom and it was difficult with 2 kids at the time. my oldest was 3 and  the other was  a little over a year old. It was difficult trying to explain to them that daddy had a job to do that took him away for a year at a time. It is still the toughest job that I have to face. The kids and I have been through 3 deployments and everyone it gets more and more difficult explaining why things happen the way they do especially now to my 5 year old.
Tiffany: What is your best advice to new moms?

Learn as you go. Let the children teach you as you go. You and  them both have alot to learn. It is a learning experience and a good one. With your first child you will make mistakes and learn from them with the other children. Never punish a child for the mistakes you have made raising them. Use it as a teaching tool.
Tiffany: For fun - What celebrity do you have a crush on?

I don't really have a crush on a celebrity but I think my favorite would have to be Edward Cullen ( Robert Pattinson ) I love Twilight.
Thanks for the interview Sami! 
I hope everyone will get the the chance to stop by her blog and say "Hi!" Her blog button is featured on the sidebar the rest of December.   As the winner  of our contest, she has also earned a permanent feature on our M.O.M (Mommy of the Month) Wall of Fame here!

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