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by - Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One of the cute Valentines Cards at
Before we were married, we were college students without a care in the world. Valentines Day just seemed like any other day. We were in the puppy love stages. Head over heels in love and always buying presents for each other. It was just a day with a themed present. I was always writing him love notes, sneaking them in his wallet and other places I knew he would find them. 

Now that we are married with a child, our lives are completely different. My husband's classes keeps him busy most of the day, while my day is preoccupied caring for our young daughter. We don't get to spend much time alone together or have deep conversations like we used to but our feelings for each other have not changed. We just don't have the time to write letters anymore or spend hours searching for a special gift for each other. Life has more responsibility. Valentines Day is one of the few days a year when we can really make the time to show each other how much we do love each other. 

Since the winter holidays have passed, many stores have been putting up their Valentines Day products and I am not very impressed with their greeting cards available. I would much rather take the time to give my husband a much more personalized card. Costing about the same with shipping, it's a more romantic gesture to do so. And as with most of my greeting card needs, I turn to I always begin my Valentines present search with their selection of beautiful Valentine’s cards and then click over to their personalized gifts. Great gift ideas this year are the wood keepsake boxes and ceramic photo mugs.

Since the next month includes our anniversary, my husband's birthday and Valentines Day, I have my work cut out out for me. That's why I'm getting started a few weeks early. I want you to get an early start too. Stay tuned for a possible Valentines Giveaway!

Disclosure: I wrote this post for the Shutterfly Valentines Blogging program. I will be provided promotional codes as compensation.

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