Not So Wordless Wednesday - My New Sibling!

by - Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This little hand is too precious!!
I've been staying with my mom while she prepared to give birth to our newest family member Christopher, who was born on Monday! Yes, I did say my mother LOL.

I was 11 (almost 12) years old when my little brother was born and now that's he's 11, we have another little brother. What timing! I'm very happy for her. After several years of being a single mom to me and my little brother, she remarried a few years ago and little Christopher is the result of our blended family. In total Christopher joins our family of 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Well now there's an even number of both! 

I was reading an article earlier this month that said that women over 40 have only a 5% chance of conceiving naturally, and while my parents didn't expect it, they were blessed enough to fall into that group. She didn't have a complicated pregnancy or delivery like most would have thought. No C-section required. I was blessed enough to be in the room when my brother was born...chunky, adorable little Christopher. They came home today, happy and healthy!

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