Today is a Swag-tastic Day to Join!

by - Friday, January 14, 2011

My blogging schedule has been off since the new birth in the family, but as promised here is a Swag Bucks post about all of the great things going on.
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Yesterday, Swag Bucks launched their Free Games section of This is another opportunity to earn SB's for something you would probably already do online, and now you are earning for it!  Just for playing you can earn between 1 to 5 SB's, multiple times per day. You can earn bigger amounts by entering into tournaments, where you risk a certain amount in hopes of winning the large amount.

Every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day! This is the day when random internet searches using Swagbucks can be awarded from 30 to 1,000 SB's! You may not win every time, but it's sure fun trying. Check out the Mega Swag Bucks Day Page here and see what others are winning and do a quick seach while you're visiting Swag Bucks. You may be the next winner!

Still haven't joined Swag Bucks yet? Today is THE day. Not only are the winning random internet searches worth more, you can get DOUBLE the SB's (60 total!) by signing up here and checking out the new Free Games section! The best part is with your 60 SB's is that you have more than enough to redeem them for prizes. Hurry, this link expires tonight at 11:59pm PST.

P.S. - I've made a new Swag Bucks section of the blog just to help out my fellow Swaggernauts (as we're called.) By visiting daily, you'll be reminded what places to visit and earn your daily SB's. Also I will be listing some of the great offers that will help you to reach your prize goals faster!

Disclosure: I am part of the Swag Bucks Blogging program. Links in this post are contain my referral information. I receive SB's only when a new user signs up through my links.

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