Meet Cheryl, Our Feb. Mommy of the Month!

by - Thursday, February 03, 2011

This month's winner is Cheryl from The Real Princess Zaria and Mommy Blog.

Here is her exclusive interview with me...

Tiffany: How long have you been blogging?
Cheryl: I have been blogging for approximately 3 years but just really started taking it seriously within the last year. 
Tiffany: What started you blogging?
Cheryl: I started blogging to to increase brand awareness for my book and products through my website . It started off as something to increase sales but now I do it because it is soooooo fun and my readers love hearing about The Real Princess Zaria.

Tiffany: What is your blog about?
Cheryl: My blog is about my adventures with The Real Princess Zaria (my daughter). I blog about parenting issues, mostly. Sometimes, I blog about current topics like music, FaceBook and Kids. Anything that I think parents and kids would be interested in. My daughter also blogs on the site. Not as frequently because of schoolwork. She blogs about school, homework, friends and what she wants for Christmas.

Tiffany: How do you make your family life more affordable?
Cheryl: I make family life more affordable by shopping at dollar stores. I rarely clip coupons but I do subscribe to money-saving sites such as Free is my Life. We have also started to reduce the amount of time we go out to dinner and movies.

Tiffany: What is a typical day for you? 
Cheryl: I normally wake up about 5:30 am (Before I have to wake Princess Zaria up for school) I need about of me time before the day begins. I usually break out the laptop and check emails. By the way, I have 5 different email accounts. Don't ask why. LOL. I then check my Facebook page and update my statuses. I then begin the process of waking Zaria. Usually ends with me grabbing her by the ankles. She hates getting out of bed:)

Then I fix breakfast and get ready for school. After dropping her off, I work on my HIPPY project. HIPPY is a national non-profit organization. After-which, if I have an event coming up I promote that, consistently. Later, I pick Zaria up from school, cook dinner and help with homework. I'm also in school part-time so then I do my homework and study (usually Zari and I do homework together.)

After getting Zari ready for bed, I visit other blog sites and leave comments as well as working on my blog. If I'm not creating a post, I'm brainstorming about one. Then I do it all over again the next day. By the way, sometime during the day I squeeze in time for my hubby:)

Tiffany: What are your hobbies?
Cheryl: My hobbies are reading and writing

Tiffany: Do you have regular "Me Time" or do you have to snag it whenever you get a chance?
Cheryl: My 'Me' time is usually that small window of time in the morning. I try to treat myself to a movie every now and then.

Tiffany: What has been the toughest parenting issue you've faced?
Cheryl: The toughest parenting issue is juggling. I wear so many hats sometimes it's hard to organize things but I always make time for the most important thing in life and that's family.

Tiffany: What is your best advice to new moms?
Cheryl: My best advice to new moms is cherish every minute. Time goes so fast. You look down in your arms and see a beautiful baby then look up and you are attending a high school graduation. Bask in the special moments.

Tiffany: Just for fun - What celebrity do you have a crush on? 
Cheryl: I have the huge crush on Brian McKnight. My husband is alright with it, though:)

Thanks for the interview Cheryl! 
I hope everyone will get the the chance to stop by her blog and say "Hi!" Her blog button is featured on the sidebar the rest of February (plus a few days since its a short month.)   As the winner  of our contest, she has also earned a permanent feature on our M.O.M (Mommy of the Month) Wall of Fame here!

Want to be a featured M.O.M? I will be accepting applications until February 7th!! Enter for March's featured Mommy today. Get all of the details here. February's M.O.M. poll will be posted on the sidebar on Feb. 7th. Remember to vote!

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