My Daughter and Bronchiolitis

by - Thursday, February 17, 2011

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bronchiolitis - noun
a condition in which the small airways in the lungs become inflamed by a virus. It is most common in infants, who become breathless in severe cases. Recurrent attacks may lead to asthma

This is the condition that my daughter has. We first found out around Christmas of 2009. She was only 4 months when the doctor explained that RSV most likely had caused her wheezing condition as he handed me a nebulizer and a breathing mask. As a first time parent, I can't tell you how mortified I was. This little baby now must be strapped into this huge mask in order to deliver vaporized medicine to her lungs. 

The first time we put her on the nebulizer was aweful. She cried and  I cried. It almost looked like she was on an oxygen mask. Those 10 mintues seemed like an hour of agony. She looked so helpless and I felt so helpless.

And now a year later, its back! It first showed up around Chrstmas, then seemingly went away. When we came back from our Cruise, it was in full force. We were supposed to get a few days back before the little one came home but it was so bad that Grandma brought her back that same night we got home. She wasn't even herself. Part homesick part sick-sick.

And now I'm coming to the realization that she may have asthma at the age of 2, which is what we were told would most likely happen if the bronchiolitis kept returning. I know kids can live a healthy life with it but will it be as active? She loves to play basketball already. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we've got our nebulizer, mask, and plenty of refills with a call to the doctors office.

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