Superbowl Fun-day!

by - Sunday, February 06, 2011

If you're like me, then the only thing the Superbowl does for you, is make you laugh during the commercials. Thankfully, we're not hosting nor going to any parties today - Just us...and Papa Johns! I'm not a football fan but when it comes down to it, I'll root for any Northern team EXCEPT in the case of the Atlanta Falcons! But since that's not the case, I guess I'm with the Steelers then.

Regardless of who you're rooting for today, here's a few fun things to check out today!
Vote for your team on Facebook!
Chevrolet wants to know who you're voting for, with their Momentum Meter. Last time I checked the Steelers fans were up by 1,000! If this is your team, vote and keep your lead. If it's not, VOTE VOTE VOTE and get your friends to vote!

Coupon Giveaway

Fingers Crossed!
Papa John's is giving away a free pizza IF the game goes into overtime tonight. You have to be a registered member of their My Papa Points as of yesterday. Get all of the details here

Have fun tonight!!

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