Product Review: Velcro ID Bracelet by My Precious Kid {Re-post}

by - Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Actual Product
Hello everyone! This week I am reviewing the velcro ID Bracelet from My Precious Kid which I purchased myself from their website

This product is designed to have important information about your child available in case of an emergency. The bracelet comfortably fits both my 1 year old's wrist as well as mine. The bracelet is bright in color with the words "ID INSIDE" that lays across the top of the wrist. Inside of the bracelet is a waterproof label tucked into a pocket. You personally write all of your child's important information and contact numbers inside. The price was very reasonable as well as shipping. For under $10 shipped we got a great deal.
My 1yr old trying it on
We practiced wearing the bracelet a few times before we went out for a family day. My daughter may have messed with it 2 times the entire day. This product gave me peace of mind while we were out that day. As with any child, there were a few times when she tried to walk off. She never got farther than an inch from her daddy's hand but better safe than sorry. One woman said that it "was a bright bracelet" that my daughter had on, which made me feel good knowing that an adult did notice it and would notice it in case of an emergency. 

Family Outing
More information can be found on the product page at My Precious Kid here. Be sure to look around at all of the great safety products and info they have available on their site. Check out their Facebook page here for great info, giveaways, and special coupon codes.

Bonus: New and expecting moms can receive a free car seat ID tag from My Precious Kid by requesting one here.

This review was originally posted on October 1, 2010 here.

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