Mommy Monday: Our trip to D.C.

by - Monday, May 23, 2011

Our family traveled to DC for the first time this weekend. We opted to take the metrorail instead of getting a rental car, which was much cheaper! If you snag a SmartTrip card ($5 with $5 in fare loaded onto the card) you'll save as much as $1 per ride!

After we got off the metrorail it was a kind of culture shock. There were so many people enjoying the greenspace. Baseball, kickball, picnicking, kite was all there. It was so carefree which is a nice change of pace from Atlanta. We visited the Washington Monument first and asked a nice woman if shoe would take a photo of us.

Us at the Washington Memorial
Then we headed over to the Lincoln Memorial. There are several smaller memorials on the way such as the WWII, Korean and Vietnam War memorials. It was nice to see several veterans there. After that we trekked to the White House which was swamped with tourists. We were able to get a space on the fence and take some great photos. It was only until we were heading to our lunch spot that we realized we had only visited the BACK of the White House! Slightly embarrassed, we stopped back by after lunch for photos of the front of the WH. 

The little one at the White House

Next we headed to the Capitol Building and saw tons of other places on the way including the US Court of Appeals building (I'm a law/criminal justice buff.) After visiting the Capitol building, we stopped by the Supreme Court building. I loved it! Finally we decided to head back towards the metrorail station and stop by the Air & Space Museum before it closed. That place was amazing.

Our legs and feet were sore the next day but the day was worth it. We only spent for the metrorail fare, lunch and a few souvenirs from the Air & Space museum. Even with all we saw over the weekend, there are tons more museums and art galleries and more to visit next time. I'm looking forward to it! 

Heading back before sunset

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