Repurposed: Sugar & Flour Canisters

by - Monday, May 16, 2011

Sugar and flour canisters
This is my first post on repourposing an item so just for fun I looked up the definition.

re·pur·pose (verb): to give a new purpose or use to

I was just finishing up a canister of lemonade and thought "these are too nice to throw away. What could I put in this?" Then I remembered seeing sugar and flour canisters on my favorite cooking shows and decided it would work great since I don't do much baking. Typically, I only use tablespoons or so at a time. {Plus, I personally have a hard time getting sugar out of the sack without spilling some every time.}

How to Make:
  1. Remove the label (which should come off cleanly) and clean canister.
  2. Pour sugar or flour into the canister and screw closed.
  3. Label them. {I just used hubby's label maker)

Decorating Idea: Tie a cute ribbon around the rim. {I didn't have any on hand}

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