Book Review: "Learning" by Karen Kingsbury

by - Saturday, July 16, 2011

Have you been keeping up with Bailey and Cody since our last meeting with them in "Leaving" by Karen Kingsbury? Kingsbury has given us more of our favorite characters with book two in the Bailey Flanigan series, titled "Learning."

Synopsis: Bailey Flanigan is growing closer to her dream to be an actress and dancer in New York while Cody coaches a small high school football team ... on and off the field. But neither feels complete without the chance to share their dreams with one other. Can distance truly make the heart grow fonder? Or will Cody learn to turn to others to share in his happiness? And when tragedy strikes? Who will be there to provide comfort in the face of loss? As Cody's past catches up with him, he must learn to reach out for help or risk withdrawing permanently inside himself. Both Bailey and Cody find themselves learning significant life lessons in this poignant love story, featuring members from Karen Kingsbury's popular Baxter family.

This book is not just about a love story. It's about pursuing your dreams, moving on from your past and looking to God to light your path. This story is very relate-able. While everyone may not be on their way to being a Broadway starlet or running from someone out to get their mom, we do or know someone whose heart belongs to someone they can't be with. Many of us are struggling with the choices we've had to make in our lives. The story pulled me in with a turn of the first few pages. I love the courage and faithfulness of Bailey and the dedication of Cody. Great support from characters around them makes their learning experiences much better, which is sound advice that we could all use sometimes.

Sprinkled throughout the book are spritual references that add to the story. I always find myself trying to relate things I've seen or read to things in the Bible. This book combines that referencing for me, and I LOVE it.  A few of my faves are " must show your love as a Christian on Broadways. No one wants to hear about your faith. They must see it." and "...He'll always exceed what we can imagine Him to do, the ways He comforts us and leads us." I am "learning" myself and applying to my own life. Even if the reader is not spiritual, these references do not overpower the story at all and  is still very entertaining.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book without charge to review by the publisher, Zondervan. All opinions are mine.

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