A Little Catching Up

by - Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, but in an amazing way! As you know I was able to attend the Women of Faith conference in Atlanta earlier this month (blog post to follow) which happened to be the weekend that my husband came back in town. I went to the conference hoping to ease my mind before seeing him the following day (after being separated almost 2 months.) 

God answered my prayers, and after much talking, crying and thinking, we decided to reunite and devote our family to God. It's one thing when the wife makes the decision to follow God, because the children will naturally follow. When the husband welcomes his role and responsibility as the head of the family (as Christ is the head of the church) it is an amazing feeling! Just to be at this point in our relationship is a blessing. Yes, it came with pain but we survived and are stronger for it. A long road lies ahead, but we are ready for it.

Hubby is getting my poor laptop fixed for me. The screen has been broken, making blogging hard to get done. I have his laptop in the meantime now and will be able to blog more often. I have a few posts that need to be posted very soon, including the Women of Faith post so stay tuned! 

Thanks for the support and love you guys!

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