Free Audiobook = Frugal Christmas Gift

by - Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm a gifter. I love to give gifts. I'd give gifts to all our loved ones and friends, if we had the money for it. When I see opportunities such as this one, I have to share. Each month, gives away one free title. This month it is "Think" by John Piper, narrated by Wayne Shepherd. I have not read (or listened to) this book myself but have seen great reviews for it. You can gift any book, including the free title, to someone else! The page does not state that there is a limit to gifting. 

The code will be emailed to you or the other person (if you have their email address). I personally prefer the email to self option because you can print out a cute little gift certificate to personally hand to the recipient (they provide both a color and b&w version for printing.)

To gift this audiobook, visit the free download page at ChristianAudio, scroll down to the grey "Gift this" button. Click and type in the recipient(s) info (or your info) on the next page. Then checkout! Your code(s) will be emailed to you. Then print off the "Gift This" certificates located in the grey box here.

Hurry, the titles will change on November 1st! (Do this again for that title, too for another frugal gift!)

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