Review: HotPants by Zaggora

by - Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am typically in sweat pants and a tank when I work out. I always think how nice it would be to have specialized workout gear. But what type would I buy? There are yoga pants, yoga shorts, running shorts, cycling shorts, etc. How do I pick just one type to do all of my activities?

That is why I really excited to try HotPants by Zaggora. They are workout shorts designed for any type of activity, including housework! The shorts contain bio-ceramic technology that emits far infrared rays and reflects the heat back to the body. This warms up the tissue deep below the skin’s surface and breaks down fat cells, helping to smooth our that cellulite. After wearing them only 30 minutes a day, the user can expect similar results a if they completed 60 minutes of activity. In Zaggora's research, they found that most women saw results in weeks and have created a 2 week challenge for all to participate in. I'm only halfway into the challenge but can say that my target areas are feeling the heat of the HotPants and I am very happy with the progress I am making. I can see why they've taken the UK by storm!

These shorts are very comfortable. I could easily wear these around the house, as they are very attractive too (It smooths some of that baby fat left from my daughter.) They can be worn alone or under clothes. The next time I do our major grocery shopping, I am wearing this under my clothes. Shopping is already a workout for me, so I might as well maximize the results of all that walking, pushing the cart, bending and lifting!

In my opinion, HotPants are a keeper.  Start off with a pair or two. They are hand wash only and by having more than one on hand, you are sure not to miss an opportunity to maximize whatever activity you find yourself doing that day. These would make a great gift for your friends, relatives and even for yourself. Consider it motivation to start your New Years Resolution for 2012 now.

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Disclosure: This product was given to me by Zaggora, through Mom Bloggers Club, for the purpose of review. These are my honest opinions on this product.

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