Loss of a Friend

by - Friday, January 27, 2012

Early this morning we learned that one of my husband's childhood friends was lost in a senseless act of violence. I had the pleasure of meeting his friend a few years ago, a month or so before giving birth to our daughter. A beautiful person.

Situations such as this brings out the hurt (and sometimes, ignorance) in everyone. Just reading the Facebook posts from the friends of the victim and the friends of the alleged killer, it's hard to refrain from posting myself. Now is not a time for ignorance, it's a time of grieving. I'm grieving most for the small child in this situation, that no longer has their mother or father. One parent will be buried while the other most likely in prison. I also grieve for the families who have both lost their child. Most people tend to forget that the alleged's family also loses when their loved one is sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty. Though it does not compare to the degree of loss in the victim's family, it's a loss nonetheless.

I have a background in criminal justice which helps me to be objective. I though about keeping these to myself or writing a status on Facebook myself. That's where this blog is such a blessing. Thanks for understanding my need to post this here. Take care and hug your loved ones a little more today for me.

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