Potty Training Our Princess

by - Friday, February 17, 2012

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My daughter tuned 2 1/2 earlier this month. i was worried that she was behind on potty training. Being that we were a college family with no real schedule or permanent place to live (we had to move in and out of the dorms every school year), the doctor recommended waiting until we were stable. We are hosting a Pull-Ups House Party next weekend and I was worried she'd be the oldest one there not having made any potty training progress.

Well, our princess decided that she would start going to the potty this week. On Monday, she used it for the first time!! She did it all by herself. We were not expecting it. She grabbed her potty out of her bathroom, took it into the living room (in front of the television, LOL) and did it. I was taking a nap and missed the whole thing! Yesterday she decided to give it another shot while she was supposed to be brushing her teeth for bed. I guess she got the feeling to go and sat down on the potty. Just now she told me she had to go and she did it again!!

I am just so excited. She's even more excited since it means she gets a sticker!

What's your potty training story? Any tips for us?
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