Did You Watch? #ExtremeCouponing New Season Began

by - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Extreme Couponing follows savvy shoppers as they plan and plot their way to unbelievable savings. Witness amazing shopping skills and shocking stockpiles of merchandise, as everyday people go to extremes in pursuit of extraordinary deals. ~ TLC

Season 3 of the infamous TLC series, Extreme Couponing, premiered last night, and yes, I did tune in. I did so for my personal entertainment. You see this show is just that, entertaintment. Just like reality shows with no reality, extreme couponing depicts what producers want to be shown, not necessarily real life. There is nothing particularly educational about the show that a viewer wouldn't have already learned in previous episodes.

If you have not watched the series before, basically the show finds people across the nation with amazing stockpiles (large amounts of goods that could qualify as a grocery store inside their home) and an obsession with couponing. They are followed from the collection of coupons and planning stages of their shopping trip, all the way through loading it into their vehicle. It is fascinating the first time you watch it. There are negatives associated with this show including unhealthy behaviors such as hoarding, rumors of coupon fraud and store policy violations by some of the couponers and stores featured on the show.

Last night's episodes featured a woman and her friend, college frat brothers, a high-school senior, and an expectant mother. The woman and her friend bickered a lot during the show over organization and then a meltdown at checkout that showed them running around the store (holding up checkout) for something that was exaclty $1.58. The college frat brothers used their powers for evil, lol. They used their couponing skills for one toga party. I personally would've loved to see them do a donation and count it towards community service instead of 400 boxes of jello to wrestle in. Just saying. It was nice to see college students couponing though. I was impressed with the high-school student. He purchased goods to help out his parents. I don't understand why he and his parents don't live together, but that's none of my business. I also liked the expectant mom segment. I'm so fascinated about couponing at Kmart (but there's none near me.)

I personally hope that the stories get more interesting. The high school senior and frat brothers were a great inclusion in a sea of couponing moms. I would love to see more variety in the couponers selected for the show. In the meantime, I will be tuning in each week, especially since it motivates me to clip my coupons and put them in my binder. 

Will you be tuning in?

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