Hot New Costumes Including The Avengers!

by - Tuesday, May 08, 2012

In three months, my toddler turns 3. Once August comes and goes, it becomes that time of year again. The kids are back to school, the weather cools, the leaves change and fall decorations start going up - my favorite of all being the decorations for Halloween. 

I know stores get a lot of slack for putting up Halloween items early, but I'm an early kind of shopper. To me, that is when you get the first pick of the hottest items out that year. And with online stores, shopping early is so much easier. Halloween Mart has just released some new costumes including some featuring the characters from the new Avengers Movie! They have a great selection of both Adult Halloween Costumes and Kids Halloween Costumes, as well as Teens and Pets, with tons of other fun themes. I am really loving the  Lindy & Lace Silver Flapper costume (with some leggings), but I wonder if I could get hubby into the Gangster Zoot Suit one?! 

If you are thinking of holding out for a deal, there is no need. Halloween Mart has a clearance section with items 75% off! It's never too early to plan for something you know you are going to buy anyway. Might as well get the first picks!!

What costumes are your faves for this year?

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