Book Review: Mother Knows Best? by Sue Castle

by - Monday, July 16, 2012

Mother Knows Best?
 The Truth About Mom's Well-Meaning (but not always accurate) Advice
by Sue Castle

I think every mother gives her children advice, be it welcome or unwelcome at the time. To this day my mom still gives me bits of her wisdom here and there. No knocks to the moms, but have you ever wondered how true that advice really is? This humorous reference book by Castle (yes, I did use humorous and reference book together) set out to find "the truth behind mom's so called words of wisdom." She succeed in shedding some light on a variety of topics. The book has 10 sections of entertaining, intriguing and surprising findings on many of the notions that have been passed on through the generations. Castle tackles old wives tales with clarification from the experts(and there are some GOOD ones in there.) 

A few of my faves from the book:
  • "Don't Read in Dim Light, You'll Ruin Your Eyes." (Not True)
  • "Chicken Soup is the Best Medicine for a Cold" (Maybe)
  • "You can Sweat Out a Cold" (Not True)
This book is very easy to read and one that i would read over and over.  I had a blast sharing some of the information with my husband. This would be fun to read through with your girlfriends, at a shower, or any other fun get together. This is sure to get the conversation going. I'm sure that your mom, grandma, or great aunt won't approve though even with expert opinions.

Retails for $12.95 US. 

About the Author:
Sue Castle is a writer, television producer, and a mother. She lives in New York City.

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the book without charge for the purpose of review. All opinions in this post are solely mine.

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