Finally Wanting to Read!

by - Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In preparation for our daughter to be born, I spent hours shopping thrift stores, discount stores and dollar stores for books to read to her. I had always pictured reading together in her nursery. Well, she didn't have a nursery thanks to living in the family dorms and we didn't read together for long.

She just did not want to read with me. She was and is a very active child. It seemed like she was not interested in books. She'd play with them, glance at the pictures, but any attempt to read and she was gone to the other side of the room.

I struggled with the thought of not being a good mother for it. Our daughter is smart though. VERY smart for her age. She knows words that surprise us (in a good way) and puts together sentences very well. The number one compliment besides how cute she is, is how smart she is.

Last week, I bought her a beginner's bible. She's in love with church so I thought, why not. She LOVES it and asks to read it together. Not only does she want to read but she wants to read the bible. I'm ecstatic!

I know it's a start. We still have all those old books too. Princesses, Pooh, Seuss and so many more. More books to explore together. I plan on enlisting hubby to take turns reading to her too. I'm one happy momma!

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