Five Question Friday #5QF {NEW!}

by - Friday, July 27, 2012

I just saw this and thought it would be fun to join in.

1. What is the funniest thing you saw on Facebook/twitter this week?
YWM: Hmmm...I've hidden most of my friends with nonsense from my timeline. I did find myself laughing at some of the meme's and someecards. Love those!

2. What is your favorite Olympic event?
YWM: Gynmastics. If only I were that toned and flexible. Sigh...

3. Do your kids to chores around the house? If so, what are they and how old are the children? Do they get paid for them?
YWM: Our almost-three-year-old is responsible for picking up her toys. She gets paid with stickers. One for cleaning up her room and another for the closet.

4. If you get bad service/food do you complain or keep quiet?
YWM: With bad food, I normally keep quiet, especially if we are out with others. Bad service, on the other hand, is loud and clear once they see the tip!

5. If you could pick ONE frivolous item for your home, what would it be? (massive room sized closet? swimming pool? greenhouse? etc...)
YWM: We live in a 3rd story apartment so this is gonna be tough. I want one of those (overpriced) settee's for our bedroom. They are so cute!

To join in the fun head over here.

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