#DIY #Back-to-School Project

by - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

My little girl started Kindergarten last week!!! I might have shed a tear but that's for another post. 

We have a 46' unused bar space in our dining room that was an eyesore and this project fit it great. I was inspired to create a backpack station in our home - a central location for all things "school". When she gets home, her backpack, shoes, folder, etc are placed in their spots. Mom & Dad go through them before the evening is over. The folder gets signed, any notes to the teacher are written, schoolwork in its bin and clothes are picked out and hung. It has made for such easy mornings. She knows where her clothes and shoes are (not lost in the jungle that is her room) and the backpack is ready to go.

This project cost $30 and about a half an hour to complete. 

You will need:
Note: We upgraded her backpack
  1. Assemble the storage items per the boxed instructions (very quick and easy! No help from hubby needed.)
  2. Attach the hooks in desired place
  3. Slide in bins where desired.
If you have a larger area to use, another vertical storage might be nice. Ideally if we had the space, that is what I would have done. I'd like to add some moulding and make it look more built-in sometime in the future. 
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