"Swim On" Comfort-Fit Swim Cap #Review

by - Thursday, April 23, 2015


This review is for my curly girls, ladies with long hair and/or thick hair!

The "Swim On" cap fits over virtually every hair style including weaves, extensions, and dreadlocks. It prevents women from having to waste time or money  re-styling our hair when all we want to do is enjoy the beach, pool, or even go on vacation.

Most people with long or thick hair struggle with standard size swim caps. They are always are too small for our hair, leaving some of  it exposed to water when we go swimming. How long have we wished there was a swim cap large enough to fit our luscious tresses? And how many of us avoid the water altogether because of it?!

Besides the pool and beach, the "Swim On" cap is perfect for everyday use as a shower cap (which is how I used it). Ditch the old plastic bonnet shower caps and truly protect your hair from getting wet with the "Swim On" cap.

As a woman of color (and formerly long hair) I know the struggle of spending lots of time and money into styling our hair. I often avoided pools just to not have to deal with restyling my hair. I was so excited to see a swim cap that can actually fully cover longer, curlier hair. I'm often styling my daughter's hair in ways that a standard swim cap could not accommodate. This product has provided a way that we can keep our hair dry in the upcoming summer months.

Since pools aren't quite open here yet, I tried this out in the shower. My natural hair texture is curly but I straighten it with a flat iron. As soon as water touches it, my hair is through and have to restyle it. The cap is large and fits well. It surprising kept my hair dry (unlike my bonnet). Overall, I'll be getting another cap for my daughter!

This product is available for purchase at Amazon here.
Disclsoure: I received a complimentary product for purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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