#MomLifeMonday: 6 Months Old!

by - Monday, February 01, 2016

Has six months really gone by already?! I still cannot believe it - Prince C is SIX MONTHS OLD!

It seems like he is growing so much faster than Princess A did, but then again, he is trying to keep up with her and all her craziness. 

He had his well checkup today and received a great report. Besides his eczema flare-up he is doing excellent. Poor baby got three shots today though, and needless to say, has been cranky all day. This is my first decent amount of semi-quiet time today. I say that because Princess A currently has the t.v. on Nick Jr. behind me as I'm typing. I will take it though.

With this newest milestone, Prince C gets a new schedule - 3 big meals as trying to get him to nap/sleep through the night. I have been looking on Pinterest for some ideas. I did not use a schedule with Princess A so we will see how this goes. I am typically the one who doesn't do well with the schedule, not this kids. 

Pray for us. (I will accept a Katniss three finger salute as well.) I see much frustration coming this week. Please feel free to share any of your schedule tips, tricks and other helpful info in the comments!

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