#MomLifeMonday: Disney & Expo

by - Monday, February 29, 2016

Good morning all. I hope that you had a restful night of sleep (unlike me these days.)

This weekend included a mommy and kids day. Princess A cannot wait to see Disney's "Zootopia" which opens up this Friday. I received an email from Disney Debit that included a special event for members. On Saturday, cardholders were invited to an exclusive "Zootopia" event at the Disney Store before it opened as well as 15% off purchases after. Needless to say, a FREE event and it's Disney...I signed up fast.

We arrived about 10 minutes prior to the event and hung out with some other moms and kids. Once we entered the store, we headed to the 100 Acre Woods section and started the presentation. The AMAZING Disney Store staff handed out Officer Judy Hopps bunny ears hats as well as fox Nick Wilde's. We were introduced to the characters, played a license plate matching game and did some police work. The kids earned a their Zootopia detective badges at the end and yes, I coughed up $15 for a Judy Hopps plush Princess A has been begging me for weeks to get. Hey, it was 15% off. 

Prince C was not exactly entertained and just wanted to play with everything in the store. I was able to get this shot when big sister was holding him.

After the event, we headed to the annual Mom Expo. I tend to go every year but was last time was sick with Prince C in my belly and back problems you wouldn't believe. This year it was held at a different location, which was very convenient since it was basically down the street from the mall.
Parking at the convention center was a whopping $20 for valet, $20 for self-park and free way down the street in the town center parking garage. It's connected but still a pain in the butt when you spot a couple of open parallel spaces on the street. I opted for one of those. FREE and convenient.

We headed inside and found that there was also a essential oils convention meeting there and I understood what all the fuss was about parking costs. I spotted the Mom Expo line and followed back as it wrapped around. O.M.G. - it stopped back at the front door. It's 5 minutes til and the line is HUGE. I guess everyone wanted those door buster gift bags. 

Time passed and the line was barely moving. It took a whopping 45 minutes after opening to get through the doors. I still somehow managed to get one of the 100 Simple Green door buster gift bags plus the welcome bag so I was happy. Two bags of goodies down, SO MUCH MORE TO GO!! We spent another hour inside winding our way around the booths, getting goodies, info and having loads of fun. Prince C fell asleep (thank goodness) so me and Princess A could relax a bit more.

After all was said and done, here is what we scored. Princess A was pretty happy with her goodies and said that this was the best day ever. It was essentially a FREE DAY, besides Judy Hopps of course.

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