#FrugalLifeFriday: Our "American Girl" House Update

by - Friday, May 27, 2016

Remember when I shared how we have money on American Girl? Here is an update with our newest addition!!

Our "house" got remodeled into...

It is a $10 cabinet (plus $5 of  paint) re-purposed into their new home with attached wardrobe! I found it at a thrift store and could not pass it up. The shelves fit nicely as beds along with room at the top for the couch and table as well as other accessories on the bottom. There were even 6 shelves  that attached  to the doors. I kept two on for the wardrobe and added a mirror from a broken hand one she had.

While thrifting, I also found two black stands for $1 each that were easy to convert into beach chairs. I will "upholster" them another time. They go great with our handmade swimsuits.

It's so much cheaper and fun to DIY.

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