Cars 3 Board Games from Spin Master!

by - Friday, July 28, 2017

How often do our kids ask us to play a game but we parents dont want to because:

  1. It's too long
  2. It's too boring
  3. Or, It's too much to set up.

Princess A and myself were excited to test out Spin Master's Cars 3 Risky Raceway! I secretly set up the game before I called her to play with me. It only took a matter of minutes to assemble the 3D elements to the game and to pop out the die-cut tokens. And so we began...

But first let me tell you that we are competitive in this family...REALLY COMPETITIVE. My first date with King J was a basketball game one on one. Our kids have taken this characteristic on as well.

She chose Jackson Storm and I was Cruz Ramirez. We spun the wheel and moved our cars across the board, cheering as we got a high number and pouting when it low. Princess A loved it when she would pass me. There may have been a short-lived dance.

We talked about all kinds of stuff as we played, oblivious of the time, the television or my cell phone. It was a nice break to be unplugged and happy about it.

Remember when I said her dance was short-lived?! Well, guess who won the Piston Cup and the Risky Raceway game. This girl right here! The big girl, I mean woman, mom, yeah.

And now King J is home from traveling so we have our third player. I imagine it will be even more fun.

Spin Master Games – Cars 3 toys are available now at Walmart and Toys''R''Us.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Spin Master. A Complimentary product was sent for pupose of review.

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