When Daddy's Away, the Kids Go Cray!!

by - Monday, September 18, 2017

It never fails. NEVER.

When King J is out of town the kids go crazy or as we still like to call it...CRAY. There must be some sort of receptors in a kids brain that knows when Daddy is far out of the perimeter, with no chance of coming home that evening and punishing them.

And guess what?!! Within 6 hours of him leaving this time, it began. The kids are cray, and mom is almost Bat-Crap CRAY!

Let's see what all they have accomplished in a day and a half:
  • Refused to Nap
  • Worked my last nerve over a friends house
  • Tried me before going grocery shopping.
  • Acted a fool during grocery shopping.
  • Refused to sleep.
  • Called me mom or ma in rapid sequence more than I can count.
  • Plus the regular stuff like not getting an ounce of alone time, even in the bathroom.

So many more days to go this week!

What do you do to keep your sanity in times like this?

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