SCAM Update: 58 Days

by - Monday, December 10, 2018

The other week I posted about scams going around this holiday season. (Missed it? Read "How Not to Get Scammed This Christmas" here.) 

In that post I shared about scammy looking fly-by-night deal sites and how I thought I might have fell for one. Here is the update:
  • I have emailed them directly several times.
  • Commented to the deal post on social media several times.
  • Sent a Direct Message.
  • All with ZERO response!
Then, last week I got an email that it's been shipped. According to the email, it should arrive in 3-5 business days. After checking the actual site, my order still shows it's just processing. I decided to wait out the week and see if it arrives...

AND IT DID!! A total of 58 days after ordering!

58 freaking days, which is also:  

5,011,200 seconds 
83,520 minutes 
1392 hours 
8 weeks and 2 days 

15.89% of 2018

What exactly did I buy, you may ask. A Personalized Ultimate Hogwarts Acceptance Package (wand not included.) It was only $4.95 with an expected 2 weeks shipping, though in the comments it was looking more like 4 weeks. 

Literally the only things personalized on it, are my name on the letter and on the envelope. Why did it take almost 2 months for this thing to arrive?! Why couldn't they give me some sort of response?! I mean - it's cute and a nice keepsake with my Harry Potter book collection, but really?!!

It was a deal for the price, but Amazon only takes two days. Call me whatever, but my patience is not set up that way to wait so long for an item.

Will I ever order from that site again - NO!
Have I learned my lesson from buying off random deal site links on FB - YES!

As my site says, I'm living and LEARNING one day at a time.

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