What's Giving Me life 2.8.19

by - Friday, February 08, 2019

A tangible record of the things I love each week and possibly a few resources or ideas for you.

Soooo, this week sucked really bad. First, my daughter got a cold late last week, which complicated her asthma. Fevers, coughing and wheezing. Then, little man started to get sick, throwing up on Saturday, then fever and coughing most of this week. Took him to the doctor and he has a virus, which is probably what his sister had. Along the way of taking care of them, I caught the virus. Had to skip the gym this week and some cystic acne decided to pop up on my face. And did I mention that "J" is out of town this week for work?!

Somehow there were little glimpses of light during the week that deserve a highlight on this post.

Here are the things that gave me life this week:
Being that I found myself in the bed so much this week, I was on my phone quite a bit. I saw that Becky Higgins had an Insta story dedicated to her notebooks system, especially her "Notes of the Spirit". She had mentioned them in last week's podcast and I thought to myself "I'd love to hear more" so I headed to Instagram and watched. From there she linked to another full Youtube video on it. Needless to say, I'm inspired. I have so many cute notebooks lying around and was looking for a way to organize.

Enjo App - I was scrolling through the IOS App Store and decided to check out the recommended apps of the day. I came across Enjo - Wellness for Parents. The idea is to spend 5 minutes a day for mindful reflections on your family. My kids' school is focusing on mental health awareness and mindfulness, in particular, this week, so I thought it might be good to check out. It's free with no ads or subscriptions. Basically, you're chatting with a bot that asks reflective questions and gives you prompts to use, or you can write your own. There are 6 sessions to get through all the intro stuff about you. The first session was about me and what I appreciate about myself. On the second session, it asked about my husband with the option of adding him via contacts or manually. I opted for the contacts so that I could see his picture when we talk about him. Enjo asked what did I appreciate about J? I replied that I love how hard he works for his family." Enjo saved it to my timeline as a reflection. It then said that it is good to let our families know that we appreciate them.  When Enjo asked did I want to text my appreciation response to J, I said sure. Thinking J would know something was up with the random text, I expected him to question it. Instead, I got FOUR texts back thanking me, saying he loves me and that he misses us (he's out of town for the week.) I was blown away! I must admit that not only was it nice to think good things about my husband and his response was over the top. The next sessions include the kids so I'm excited.

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IF:GATHERING 2019 begins TONIGHT and it's not too late to join via the livestream. I don't have a local meetup near me so I'm watching online as well. It's a 2 day/3 session Christian conference for women based out of Austin, TX. I've done this amazing event in small groups as well as by myself. It is free to watch the livestream this weekend only! If you can't make the livestream, you can purchase a 1-year digital access (which is what I did) and watch it anytime!

Not my best week with all the craziness keeping me down, but still some goodies in there.
Let me know, what "gave you life" this week!

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