FREE Audiobook ($19.98 value)

by - Thursday, October 01, 2020

I recently rediscovered my love of audiobooks and have been growing my library selection. One of my favorite places is Christian Audio since Christian Living books are my main genre these days. Each month offers one audiobook for FREE. This month the selection is THE REWIRED BRAIN: FREE YOURSELF OF NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS AND RELEASE YOUR BEST SELF by Dr. Ski Chilton (normally $19.98).

"Trade Negative Thinking for Confident, Fearless Living Most of us don't realize that we have a surprising amount of control over our own thoughts and behaviors and can unintentionally influence our brains negatively, causing cycles of bad choices and experiences. The ReWired Brain offers a clear framework for understanding our brains and the decisions we make, showing how certain fears and instincts drive unhealthy emotional dysfunctions and related behavioral patterns in the most important areas of life. This book shows how to reframe negative experiences, overcome fears, experience emotional and spiritual healing, and ultimately rewire our brains, empowering us to be free and to live fearlessly."

Sounds promising!

To get your copy, head over to, and follow the easy instructions.

You can listen on your computer or mobile device.

While you're there, check out some of the other titles. With their current sale, many books are cheaper than listed on other sites. I just purchased one myself for a few bucks cheaper!

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