#NoSpend September!

by - Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Hey guys!

For the month of September, I am doing a personal challenge in the area of finances - No Spend September. The idea is to only spend what is necessary for our household which not only allows our budget to breathe, while making me use more of what I already have (like that craft supply stash) and get more creative to solve things that I want.

Day 1

I'm feeling really positive about this challenge. I want to pickup some coffee while running these morning errands. That's essential right?! I'm just kidding, I know that I have a free drink reward for a coffee shop. I packed two slices of banana nut bread from home in a Ziploc bag so that I'm not tempted to purchase anything while ordering that drink. I get my pumpkin spice latte and drive off not spending anything.

I get to Walmart and have breakfast in the car. This banana nut bread is yummy! Glad I packed it. I only need to get some nice plates for a book club meeting tomorrow. I was looking for those nice plastic ones like the Mozaik brand, but not finding anything "nice." I pick up some Pioneer Woman paper plates and napkins but keep looking just in case. Now, in my prep talk to myself, I swore I WOULD NOT go down the clearance aisle - but what it the nice plates are there now?! Soooo against my better judgement, I went anyway looking for those plates. Guess what I found instead - a cute, teal truck doormat that's perfect for our porch AND it's only $2!! I wrestle with myself a bit and accept the failure because I've been wanting more teal to match my "Welcome" sign and I hated our plain doormat. 

Then, to Aldi for bread and pastries. I make it in and out with no extra items. Whew! I did pay 10 cents for a paper bag though. 😞

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