Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New From MuseBox: Momma Mixtape

Hello everyone! Just a little note to let you know about the great new music being released from MuseBox, the people who brought us The Rattles "Rattle On" CD. They have created a great list of songs from female artists and have made them available to us for free! I enjoyed the songs and I think you will too. Just click the download buttons for any songs you wish to download!

MuseBox Momma Mix Vol 1 by musebox

1. We Were Lovers - "Partners In Crime" (www.myspace.com/wewereloversmusic)
2. Data Romance - "Swept Away" (www.myspace.com/dataromancemusic)
3. Allie Hughes - "Not The Stars" (www.myspace.com/alliehughes)
4. Megan Bonnell - "The Wind" (www.myspace.com/meganbonnell)
5. Ingrid Gatin - "How Did I Get So" (www.myspace.com/ingridgatin)
6. The Consonance - "Come The Day" (www.myspace.com/theconsonancegroove)
7. Nadia Von Hahn - "Love Maker" (www.myspace.com/nadiavonhahn)
8. Megan Bonnell - "Anaheim" (www.myspace.com/meganbonnell)
9. Allie Hughes - "Rolling Days" (www.myspace.com/alliehughes)
10. Sue Foley & Peter Karp - "So Far So Fast" (www.myspace.com/thehesaidshesaidproject)
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