In my mailbox today...

by - Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorry for writing so late tonight.Today was an awesome day though! I was very pleased to find so many freebies in my mailbox.

  • Snack bag (won from a auction - I will be writing a post about Listia tomorrow)
  • All You magazine (free trial issue)
  • Baby Talk magazine
  • American Baby magazine  (scroll to bottom to subscribe for free)
  • My Magazine (by Kroger. It is filled with recipes and 16 coupons! If you spend a lot at their stores contact customer service to get this magazine)
  • Hotprints Book (using the promo code 'free4friends')
  • 2 Super Ink Uni-Ball Pens w/coupons (one for me and one for hubby -
    we steal each others pens)
  • Serpentine Belt gauge (we've had an issue with ours before)
Can't wait until tomorrow - Freebie Friday! Make sure you Google (or Mega Swag Search) for freebie lists tomorrow!

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