A New way to Auction

by - Friday, February 19, 2010

As promised, here is some information about a great auction site called Listia.com. Instead of using real money, this site uses credits. At first I was very skeptical about this site, but after winning a few times and actually receiving my items, I am very pleased and excited to tell others about this.

  • Everyone begins with 100 credits (because auctions can begin anywhere between 0-100 credits.) 
  • Then you can get 50 credits for linking your Facebook account and twitter accounts (if you do not have these, both are free and easy to sign up for.) 
  • 50 credits when you list your first auction.
  • When your highest bidder receives their item, you will get those credits bid on your auction. 
  • You also receive random credits (5 or 10) for checking in (logging in) and for making comments on other auctions. 
  • Note: If there is ever a time when you really want something but need more credits, you can purchase them $5 for 50 credits, $10 for 100 credits and so on. If you end up losing the auction anyway Listia can refund your money. They also have a badge system which is pretty fun.
So far I have won 5 auctions, and am currently waiting to receive 2 of them from earlier this week. All of these have been won without purchasing credits or paying for shipping (I ONLY bid on items with free shipping!). In other words, 100% free!


All of my winnings are normally from the Arts & Crafts categories. I plan to use all of these items (except the first picture) to scrapbook with. The other item is a snack bag that I plan to put an energy bar in for our diaper bag. I always seem to get caught somewhere (like the doctor's office) and find myself hungry!

They have many different categories of items. Some are even new items that the owner never got around to using. They also have Coke Rewards codes auctions where the codes are emailed to the winner after the auction. I enjoy it and hope you will too. If you join through my link here, or my Listia.com banner at the bottom of the page, you will receive an extra 50 points! I hope you will try it out!

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